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“Colour of Our Scarves”

Scottish Government continue to fund this amazing football project “Colour of our Scarves” lead by Mark Reid, Project Manager.
The photographic record of visits to Scottish Football Grounds will be at Firhill this Saturday 11 April 2015.

Prior to the Motherwell match, view the photographs in front of the main door of the Jackie Husband Stand and take part in a short football survey.

The Jags Trust sponsors the Firhill Cup!


We are happy to announce that the Jags Trust has confirmed that they will be the event sponsors for the 2015 Firhill Cup.

Jags Trust chairperson, Morag McHaffie, said: “Over the seasons The Jags Trust has always offered its support through the sponsorship of a team to play on the hallowed turf at Firhill. This year we were pleased, when approached by the organisers, to give our financial backing and sponsor the Firhill Cup. The funds raised from this end of season supporters’ event benefit the manager and the club.

“If you’re not fit enough to sign up as a member of a team don’t worry, come along and join us in the stands to cheer on these brave lads.”

The Firhill Cup returns!

The Jags Trust are delighted to continue our support of the now annual Firhill Cup. This years tournament will take place on Sunday 24th May at Firhill and will feature 8 teams of Thistle fans battling it out for the nearly famous Trophy.

The day raises funds for the Club, with all donations received going directly to the managers playing budget. In the last 4 years, over £25,000 has been raised!

This year, the donation for a playing place is £30 Adults and £10 for Under-14′s. To register to take part, please email your name, age and playing position to Donations can be made via paypal or at the club offices at the stadium – if donating at the stadium, don’t forget to leave your name, age, position and email address!

Make Your Donation

Jags Trust Race Night – Friday 7th November

Join us for a Night at the Races!

An equine extravaganza takes place next Friday, 7 November 2013, at the newly refurbished Aitken Suite at Firhill. Doors open 7:30pm and first race is off at 7:45pm.

All Thistle fans, friends and neighbours are invited to get along and join in the fun!

Don’t worry if you can’t tell a thoroughbred from a donkey it all adds to the enjoyment and excitement of the evening.

Visit the bar to quench your thirst or lubricate the vocal cords for cheering on the winners!

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the newly refurbished Aitken Suite then this is your ideal opportunity!

TICKET £6 – includes a choice of fish or pie supper(a vegetarian option is available upon request).

Tickets are available from Committee members, Community Central Halls, Cumbernauld, City Centre & North West bus convenors or you can turn up next Friday and pay at the Door!

Come along and place your bets!

The Jags Trust AGM and Meet The Manager

The Jags Trust AGM will take place two weeks from now on Thursday 2nd October, at Community Central Halls in Maryhill Road (next to Taggarts garage) starting at 7.30pm.

Following the official business will be our annual “Meet The Manager” Q & A, with manager Alan Archibald, where you can ask Archie your questions on the team and football in general!

The AGM is a members only event, but last year a number of people indicated that they would have liked to have attended the Meet The Manager part, so we are opening this up to all Jags fans, for a small entry fee.

The Meet The Manager section will start around 8.15pm and everyone is welcome to attend. Tickets are available in advance by email – or you can just turn up on the night.

Entry is £5 with all proceeds going towards our continued work with the club and in the community.

You can join or renew your Trust membership on the night or via this website to take part in the AGM and the Meet The Manager discussion.

Individual Membership – £10
Individual (Unwaged) Membership – £5
Family Membership – £20

Player of The Year

After the final game of the season celebrations took place with the Trust hosting the supporters groups, management and playing staff at the Player of the Season 2013-2014 in the Aitken Suite, Firhill.

Well done to Archie, and all the Team, with special mention to Stuart Bannigan, Kris Doolan, Gary Fraser, Paul Gallacher and Kallum Higginbotham. Winners of awards for the following – Young Player and Player of the Season, Best Goal; Scorer of 6000th Thistle Goal.

For long service as Club Doctor a well deserved thank you to Doc Robertson who is entering his 40th year at Firhill.

Best wishes to Kenny Crichton physio who is moving onto pastures new.

Kenny and the Doc

Kenny and the Doc

Official Club Photographer Tommy Taylor took a record of the evenings presentation which will soon be available for you all to view.

Firhill Seating Plan – notes from Fridays meeting

We’ve had a number of requests for a summary of Friday nights meeting; so with a huge thank you to @andrewaholloway, who tweeted live from the meeting, here is a summary from his tweets, that covers all of the main points raised

• David Beattie opens meeting saying he hears what we are saying.
• Intention not to cause upset. Intention to get fans a set place.
• Communication has been poor – acknowledged.
• Ian Maxwell to present 3 options on why fans were to be moved…
• First option is North Stand into main stand. Permanent solution. Home fans behind dug out. Archie wants that.
• Cons were moving people.
• Option 2 away support into Jackie husband
• Difficult to split stand in half. Safety and segregation an issue.
• Obliged to give away fans 1000 tickets per game.
• Need to move a lot of season ticket holders. Total 1000 fans.
• Option 3 is status quo. Only came to light since kick off. Board didn’t think we wanted this given Celtic fiasco.
• Feeling David Beattie getting. Stay in North Stand. Intention was to get rid of issues when Old firm came to town.
• Give people permanent status.
• Option 2 would restrict away fans to 2000 per game. Including Celtic.
• Board misread situation – @davymains raised point on speaking to fans
• Archie comment – never been at a jags home game where thistle fans behind him.
• Questions start…first is if status quo is maintained – how will we manage Celtic type situations
• Manpreet says away fans will over sing us and disadvantage at penalties.
• North Stand fans will be moved en masse in future if status quo.
• DB – Not done consultation property. Acknowledge that.
• Ian raises point that was badly managed and reasoning gave by Maxi didn’t make sense
• Also initial statement didn’t make sense.
• Ian – move has changed the Firhill feeling. Bringing neutrals now a pleasure. GREAT PR
• Just raised point on an old firm exclusive season ticket. Under consider(ation).
• Gary – Nomads – how will we consult going forward?
• David Beattie – happy with consulting. Lance – happy with more.
• Keeps Nomads in touch with club.
• Dave J – a Celtic exclusive season ticket. Propose 2 tickets.
• Board will consult at a meeting on Monday
• David Beattie can’t see a reason that Board will reject.
• Other clubs do an Old Firm exclusive season ticket.
• Difficult point here is pricing. Think the board can manage this..
• May move disabled area. Hard to incorporate it into a stand already built.
• Question was floor – what is next step?
• Option 1 – no votes.
• Option 2 – main stand. Not an option.
• Option 3 – the only option from the floor.
• If we choose option 3. Then it is final.
• Laughter in room as Ian points out it was board that brought this to us. We were happy where we are!
• David Beattie explains improvements in Main Stand. Will be slowly and surely…
• New stewarding. In house food and catering manager appointed.
• Shows they are listening.
• Board realise they are doing things but consultation us rubbish. Hands up (again)
• Asked if everyone wants option 3. Everyone agrees.
• David Beattie says very likely to happen now – needs to make sure board are happy.
• So to confirm ….
• Only option is status quo and a potential for 2 types of season ticket.
• My take – club have messed up. They know. Status quo almost a certainty.
• For avoidance of doubt. Decisions made now will last for good…
• How will board apologise and present new arrangement?
• DB – acknowledge and will be an apology.

The only thing to be added here was a promise to review pricing of season tickets at a Board Meeting on Monday 19th May and for the Board to revert back thereafter.

New Firhill Seating Plan – A statement from The Jags Trust

It is particularly disappointing that the sweet taste of success in retaining our league status has been replaced by the bitterness of recrimination and division as a consequence of the decision of PTFC Ltd to impose the relocation of their own supporters.

There’s been a lot of discussion and argument since the news of a proposed “new seating plan” for our stadium was leaked. The Jags Trust is dismayed by the club’s handling of this situation. We are particularly disappointed that a poorly reasoned and frankly patronising statement has been the only official comment on the whole debacle. The statement issued by the club does not contain a specific reason as to why this change is required. There was no consultation with the fans, where we are sure a mutual agreement could have been reached, or even a vote where fans could tell the board what WE, the fans want. This is particularly galling given the repeated promises from AGM’s and the recent TAG meeting that greater fan consultation would be taking place. Some weeks ago, in an entirely unrelated article, the Jags Trust programme article called for this enhanced consultation with fans to continue, in order to ensure that what was right about our first season in the top league was sustained and that every avenue could be explored to avoid a repetition of the bits that were wrong.

In our opinion, fans SHOULD NOT be treated like this – WE are the club, not the board of directors, not the management, not even the players at the end of the day. We have been there through good times and bad, through different divisions, through highs and lows – they are transient, we are the constant.

The creation of a new “Shed” in the North Stand has been universally acclaimed by those involved and associated with the club, as well as opposing fans coming to Firhill to support their team, and it would be a travesty to break this up, whilst damaging the goodwill of the fans yet again.

We therefore call upon the PTFC Board of Directors to reverse their decision to implement a new seating plan and to listen to the fans.

The Jags Trust, is anxious to contribute to the resolution of this unsavoury situation along with every other supporters group and every other fan, this decision will affect all who enter Firhill.

This issue goes beyond the matter of the North Stand, it strikes at the heart of the concept of us all being part of our club and of having a voice which is heard and not ignored.

Neither is this a time for factions and fractions within our fan-base. Now is the time to take a stand together and ensure we get our message across.

Player of the Year 2013-14

The Jags Trust is again hosting the presentations on behalf of a number of other supporters’ branches.

We look forward to welcoming along the manager, players, backroom staff and representatives from all the supporters branches to make their awards.


Player of the Season 2013 – 2014

Presentation & Dance in Aitken Suite, Firhill

Saturday 10 May 2014

Doors open – 7:30pm - late

Entrance by Ticket £5


There will be a raffle at the event and all proceeds will aid the Trust to continue their support of the Community and PTFC through sponsorship of Managers Programme Page and Jersey, the Ladies Team etc.

Tickets available from Morag (Q80 in the Jackie Husband Stand) or Jags Trust Kiosk (JH concourse at Warriors Kiosk) before kick-off and half-time or