Jags Trust POTY

Player of the Season 2015 – 2016

Presentation & Disco

Saturday 14 May 2016

Venue – Community Central Halls, 304 Maryhill Rd, G20 7YE

Evening – 7:30pm – midnight

Bar Open from 7:30pm – 11:40pm

** Entrance by Ticket Only = £8

(includes Buffet)

The unknown permutations of the games after the “split” do not make organising end of season celebrations particularly easy.

The games after the split ensured Thistle to be at home on the very last day of the season but unfortunately both lounges at Firhill are booked for private functions that evening.

We are very thankful to our partners CCH that they could accommodate this supporter’s event.

The venue has wheelchair access outside and inside.

Archie & Maxie have confirmed that the Team and staff will be in attendance for the awards ceremony. As is customary individual Supporters Branches and PTSA – The Jags Trust will make presentation to their chosen player of the season.

We hope that the players receiving awards and the Manager will say a few words about their own and the teams performance in the season past and hopes for next season.

The Jags Trust hopes that the players and supporters will enjoy the evening and there will be time spent having photos taken and to chat about the season’s memories before partying on into the night.

We thank you in advance for your continued help and support at fans events and social gatherings organised throughout the season.

** Tickets available from:-

Representative of Supporters Branches;

Arrange to meet Morag on the Concourse at the Kiosk (selling old football programmes) or (Seat Q80) both in JH Stand at Firhill.

Order via secretary@jagstrust.co.uk

AGM & December Update

Jags Trust AGM – Saturday 19th December 1:00pm

The re-arranged AGM of the Trust will take place on the above date and time in Maryhill Community Central Halls. The original AGM had to be postponed as there was not sufficient numbers to complete a quorum. The business matters at hand are the same as the original notice mailings and copies of the relevant paperwork will be available on the day if required.

Festive Raffle

Our annual Festive Raffle in connection with Community Central Halls is again running this year and you should find raffle tickets enclosed with this letter. Please return these with payment to Community Central Halls before the 31st January 2016, when the draw will be made. Prizes this year include two tickets to hospitality at Firhill along with £100 worth of vouchers for Slaters and more prizes to be announced between now and the draw.

Player Of The Year

It may still be 2015 but planning for the ever popular annual end of season awards ceremony & dance is already under way. Despite the price being held at only £5 for a number of years, this season will regrettably see an increase in cost to £7 per ticket.

However, we want you, our members, to have as much say as possible in making the night an ever bigger success than ever and following feedback from last season’s event we are also considering the introduction of a food element to the night. Following our experience with catering at the Race Nights, this would increase the ticket cost to £10. We realise that many fans have their own end of season traditions before heading to the POTY event and as such we welcome your thoughts and suggestions on this (or any other matter) either via email, letter or in person.

All email addresses can be found on the Trust website (www.jagstrust.co.uk) under the ‘Contact Us’ section.

Supporters Direct Summit

Supporters Direct will be hosting a summit on Sunday 10th January 2016 at Hampden Park. Further details of this will be available in the Trust programme page over the coming home games.


Dear Members

The Meet the Manager evening with Alan Archibald will follow “The Jags Trust” Annual General Meeting, Community Central Halls 304 Maryhill Rd.

We are sure you have this Thursday 17 September 2015 circled on your calendar further to the mail shot in July and the continued notices in the Club programme.

The business meeting will commence at 7:30pm followed by a Q&A with Archie at 8:15 – 9:15pm.

A new member or your membership requires to be renewed the Membership Secretary will be happy to sign you up on the evening:
Individual £10
Individual (unwaged/concession) £5
Family (total 4 members) £20
Corporate £150

- Entry £5 at the door for those who wish to attend Meet the Manager and remain a non-member of The Jags Trust.

The Jags Trust is the trading name of The Partick Thistle Supporters Association, an Industrial and Provident Society registered with the Financial Services Authority.

Jags Disabled Supporters’ Club News

Hi Everybody,
Hope you are enjoying the close season and getting ready to follow Thistle next season.
I am glad to report that Ian Maxwell at Partick Thistle let me know that the club were successful in being awarded some funding from the Scottish Football Partnership (SFP). The SFP approved the funding for resurfacing and regrading work required at the disabled entrance, a ramp at the rear of the Main Stand which will allow disabled access to the Aitken Suite and the installation of a disabled toilet in the old Warriors shop in the Jackie Husband Stand.
I do not know at the moment at what stage this work has reached but hopefully we will see a lot of the improvements in place when the matches start at Firhill again. With access to The Aitken Suite we can hopefully hold meetings there.
I am due to meet with Ian Maxwell soon to discuss and receive updates on a number of issues, including car parking, catering arrangements and website information. If you think of anything which could improve the matchday experience then let me know.
I am delighted that the club are making the improvements. Ian Maxwell has said that Thistle will be happy to do anything they can and spend money when it becomes available on those things which the fans consider to be important. In the future there are a number of further improvements which could be made and personally speaking I would love to eventually see all of the following:
• Elevated position in the Jackie Husband Stand for wheelchair users
• Access to The Alan Rough Lounge in the Jackie Husband Stand
• Covered area at the front of the North Stand
• Extended space in The Main Stand Enclosure and more seating for carers
• Elevated position in the North Stand
• Elevated position in The Main Stand
• Elevated positions to be made available in any new development at Firhill
Some of the above may not be possible or simply too costly but these are avenues which hopefully can be explored. Over a year ago Thistle had actually planned to install a wheelchair area in the Jackie Husband Stand, level with the concourse. Approval had been sought and obtained from Glasgow District Council for its installation. However Keith Ferguson, Secretary of The Scottish Disabled Supporters’ Association, was consulted about the planned installation and pointed out some flaws and problems in its design which had not been recognised. As a result the planned installation did not take place. However I would like to see the technical difficulties looked at again and hopefully a viable solution found.
Thistle had also planned last summer to install a lift in The Jackie Husband Stand which would have enabled access to The Alan Rough Lounge. Unfortunately this had to be postponed due to cost issues. Hopefully at some point it will be possible for access to be made available.
Please let me know what you think are the most important targets to aim for in terms of improvements and what you would most like to see. Obviously the costs involved could be a big stumbling block but consideration could be given as to how they could be overcome. I would be delighted to hear of any ideas and suggestions you may have.
Hope you enjoy the build up to the start of the season and hope to see you at the matches,
Dougie McInnes Secretary Jags Disabled Supporters’ Club


Jags Trust PoTY – Sold out!!

We’re delighted to announce that, despite moving to a larger venue, the Jags Trust Player of The Year Presentation & Dance is now sold out!

Fans are reminded that entry to the event is by ticket only and Partick Thistle Football Club will be providing security for this event.

We look forward to hosting another fantastic night and celebrating another successful season!

Player of the Year function

Saturday 23 May 2015 8pm – late.
Venue – Alan Rough Lounge, Jackie Husband Stand.

Tickets £5 (access by ticket only)

The unknown permutations of the games after the “split” do not make organising end of season celebrations particularly easy, so it was booked for the very last day of the season. This would ensure that the “social night” would not interfere with the on field hopes and aspirations of all at Firhill.

Well, we aren’t at home, however the computer has been fairly kind in that the Team and the Jags fans are only a few miles along the M74 at Motherwell on the last day of season 2014 – 2015.

As is customary individual Supporters Branches will make presentation to their chosen player(s) which will take place at 8.30 – 8:45pm approximately. We look forward to hearing (speech, song, etc) from those players receiving awards and Alan Archibald with a summary of the season past and his aspirations for 2015 – 2016.

As The Jags Trust finalise the plans for the presentation and dance we look forward to welcoming you, the players and management to this fans event.

The Trust thanks you in advance for your continued support and hopes that everyone will enjoy the evening and spend time for photos, autographs and to chat about the season’s memories before partying on into the night.

Ticket orders taken at chair@jagstrust.co.uk or secretary@jagstrust.co.uk
Arrangements for collection can be made to meet Morag (seat Q80) or the Kiosk in the JH Stand or at CCH
For sale at the last three games of the season from Jags Trust Committee Members & Supporters Branches; or Gary from The Jags Trust c/o Community Central Halls, 304 Maryhill Rd, G20 7YE.

“Colour of Our Scarves”

Scottish Government continue to fund this amazing football project “Colour of our Scarves” lead by Mark Reid, Project Manager.
The photographic record of visits to Scottish Football Grounds will be at Firhill this Saturday 11 April 2015.

Prior to the Motherwell match, view the photographs in front of the main door of the Jackie Husband Stand and take part in a short football survey.

The Jags Trust sponsors the Firhill Cup!


We are happy to announce that the Jags Trust has confirmed that they will be the event sponsors for the 2015 Firhill Cup.

Jags Trust chairperson, Morag McHaffie, said: “Over the seasons The Jags Trust has always offered its support through the sponsorship of a team to play on the hallowed turf at Firhill. This year we were pleased, when approached by the organisers, to give our financial backing and sponsor the Firhill Cup. The funds raised from this end of season supporters’ event benefit the manager and the club.

“If you’re not fit enough to sign up as a member of a team don’t worry, come along and join us in the stands to cheer on these brave lads.”

The Firhill Cup returns!

The Jags Trust are delighted to continue our support of the now annual Firhill Cup. This years tournament will take place on Sunday 24th May at Firhill and will feature 8 teams of Thistle fans battling it out for the nearly famous Trophy.

The day raises funds for the Club, with all donations received going directly to the managers playing budget. In the last 4 years, over £25,000 has been raised!

This year, the donation for a playing place is £30 Adults and £10 for Under-14′s. To register to take part, please email your name, age and playing position to thefirhillcup@live.co.uk. Donations can be made via paypal or at the club offices at the stadium – if donating at the stadium, don’t forget to leave your name, age, position and email address!

Make Your Donation